Allow me to introduce myself:

Welcome. Keni Thacker is the name given to me by my mother who is the inspiration behind everything I do. I build experiences that are catalysts for change and understanding. This site highlights my writing and all the work that I have produced since the reawakening of my creative soul.


Writing has always been a passion of mine ever since I could hold a pen. I remember writing poems and rhymes at a very early age. I even remember my high school English teacher telling me I would never get into college because of my writing. I guess I showed him. However, I also thank him for the push. Whereas producing has been woven into my DNA like the similarity of my daughters face to mine.


The great thing about writing and producing is that I love to do both and hopefully this site will give you some insight into my passion which fuels my purpose.  In other words, I live this sh*t. I also believe the in the diversification of all industries and will work every day to make sure all cultures are represented equally. The only way to do that is to provide valuable exposure and opportunities for those that need it the most to level the playing field. 


Thanks for stopping by.


Keni Thacker

Chief Diversity Creative

Father, Friend, Mentor, Husband, & Devoted Son

Live. Love. Create. Change.

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