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I've had the privilege and the pleasure of working with advertising agencies big and small across North America, helping them build more robust and accountable diversity, equity, culture, inclusion efforts, and talent sourcing.



 Bringing Keni into any organization, in any capacity, is one step closer to where you want your organization to be. He will impact you if you give him the opportunity; he will provide a roadmap to the change you want. If it is something you are committed to, he is the person who can help you get there.

Danielle Sherman
Director of People + Culture


Keni drove change by challenging norms and creating opportunities for leaders to think inclusively. He is one of the business's most efficient strategic thought leaders and consultants. I highly recommend his work to any organization looking for a change.

Art Benjamin
Former Sr. Director of Diversity and Inclusion 


Keni’s content and experiences are a step above. People want to participate. People love the conversations he leads. The survey results are off the charts. Moreover, our teams feel closer and perform better together after sharing Mr. Thacker’s experiences.

Keni is a trusted advisor to my senior managers and me as well. I don’t make an important move without first engaging him in conversation.

Mark DiMassimo
Founder / Creative Chief
DiMassimo Goldstein

Lori A.jpeg

Keni is an advocate and activist who works with organizations on their own DEI journey. He came into our organization and curated programming specific to our needs. I highly recommend bringing in Keni to make you think deeper and have a real, authentic, and uncomfortable dialogue to keep moving the needle.

Lori Lori Almeida
Chief Talent Officer

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